Fact: I am typing this while at 56 mg/dL while waiting for the Orange and Cream popsicle (16 grams of carb) I just ate to kick in.

One of the most resonating things the late great Richard Rubin ever said to me is that laughter is important. I was sitting in his living room and petting his dogs, which made me immediately want to counter that dogs could match the important role that humor plays, but I bit my tongue because I knew he was right. So here is one of my oh-so-ridiculous diabetes stories:

One morning in the days long before I had a CGM, I woke up very low and very late for work. I knew I was low, so I rushed around my apartment trying to get ready while cramming granola bars into my mouth. Thankfully, I lived close enough to my job to walk, so when I was dressed and lip-glossed, I walked to work.

This was before my time at “Big Red” when I worked for another disease advocacy/research organization focused on a different disease. Several of my coworkers were not pleased that I was late, assuming that I’d either slept in or was hung over, so I spent quite a bit of time that morning trying to explain what had happened. I tried, but I doubt it helped much.

It wasn’t until nearly lunchtime that I realized exactly how much of a low-daze I’d been in when I’d woken up. When I went to the restroom I found that I was wearing not one, but two pairs of undies. Apparently in my effort to do normal things such as getting dressed, I was more focused on the routine than the goal.

That low may not have been good for my long-term health, but it sure keeps me laughing to this day.

End note – I’m at 75 now, with a CGM arrow facing North East. I’ll take it!