When I first found glucose meters that were rechargeable by USB, I thought it was neat. When the latest CGM model was released with a USB charger, I was pretty thrilled. And now that my insulin pump is also USB-friendly, well, at least I don’t need a ton of different cords to charge all of my different pieces. But here’s one drawback: Chris and I are going camping this week. Car camping in a large national park that has no gas stations and no electrical hookups. 

Honestly, I’m looking forward to it – it’s been more than 20 years since I last went camping, but I think it will be fun. And Chris, who has never been camping, has no idea what to expect, but seems to be game for the adventure. I’ve only recently come to realize how much planning camping actually takes – far beyond packing supplies for s’mores and knowing the route (thanks, Mom and Dad, for doing all the planning that went into the camping trips of my childhood – I have a newly found respect for this!). For us, ensuring that everything is well charged is a major priority, and one that can have a significant impact on our diabetes management while we’re away. Here’s a list of what we’ll need to charge in advance:

  • 2 CGMs
  • 1 blood glucose meter
  • 1 insulin pump
  • 2 fitbit flex trackers
  • 2 phones (negotiable, as it’s unlikely we’ll have reception anyway)
  • 3 camera batteries (two each) (not USB, but still on the list)
  • 2 mobile chargers

That’s at least ten items that need to be charged by USB – and ten reasons that part of me misses the days of packing a few extra batteries. (Oh, right. And now we’re bringing rechargeable batteries, too. Do I need to add that to the list as well?)