Many occasions we tend to have a complication with our sex life and we resolved to conclude it is either mystical or as a result of unknown causes. In a different part of the globe today, there is an increase daily in sexual disorder in both male and female, many things attribute to this in which we shall be discussing one of the causes here which is known as Pancreatitis


The pancreas is one of the large glands in the stomach connected with the digestive tracts, the small intestine to be precise. This gland does majorly the act of releasing insulin into the blood to help control the amount of energy taken and used by the body system and also produce a hormone to aid digestion.


Pancreatitis is a type of disease that occurs in the pancreas which caused it to be inflamed. This usually happens when hormone secreted is activated before being released into the small intestine and it starts attaching the wall of the gland. This type of disease can occur in two form, it can be acute or chronic.
Acute pancreatitis is a type of inflammation that occurs to the pancreases suddenly and lasts for a short time, the symptoms range from several pains, life threating sickness

Chronic Pancreatitis, this is a severe type of this diseases which is a long-lasting inflammation in the pancreas which results into bleeding of the gland, cause an adverse effect on vital organs like the heart kidney, liver etc. symptom involves severe abdominal pain, fever, swollen and tender abdomen
This disease can also result to type 2 diabetes which has an effect of slow injury recovery, low usage of sugar intake and several other disorders in the body.


This disease has a great effect on the sexual life of anyone affected with, type 2 diabetes has been associated with low Libido. Recent research has demonstrated that pancreatitis can lower the urge for sex and anything relating to sexual activities. Also, pancreatitis can also result to erectile dysfunction which is one of the most embarrassing things for any male gender, it results into either no quick rise of the male organ or frequent ejaculation which makes sexual activities boring and ineffective. Also, pancreatitis can lead to impotence, this is inability if the sexual organ to rise or become turgid.

Sexual ineffectiveness as seen and prevalent this day derive his root from major diseases and effects, we have been able to discuss pancreatitis as one of the prevailing causes of sexual havoc, also the cure for a sexual disorder caused by these diseases can be cured by drugs prescribes above which can be gotten from various online stores.